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Worst Gardening Tip of 2006

I read this in my local paper yesterday and it should go down as the worst gardening tip of 2006. Sorry can't find a link to it but apparently if you're tired of your daffodils tipping over The Record has a solution for you. Alcohol! I'll paraphrase here but it said that a Cornell University horticulturist says that giving some plants diluted alcohol (whisky, vodka, gin or tequila) will stunt the growth of the stem but has no effect on the blossoms. As a result the plant does not get tall enough to topple over. He also noted that beer and wine will not work and only the hard alcohols are effective.

What kind of crazy tip is this? Not only is the last week of the year a terrible time for a daffodil tip, but the tip itself is not at all practical. Was the newspaper editor's thinking that people will have left over booze from their New Year's Eve parties so here's an interesting way to get rid of it? Nope, I just can't make any sense of this.

Definitely the worst gardening tip of 2006 and they made it just under the wire.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Actually, for those of us who force paperwhites and are tired of them getting too tall and needing propping up, this is an excellent tip. works too!
    EAL said...
    Paperwhites are part of the genus narcissus, so that's why you have them confused with daffodils. The tip was not for perennial daffodils, but for paperwhites, which are always grown at this time of year inside. (I suppose they are perennial in warmer zones.)

    I thought it was a good tip, too.
    Anthony said...
    Wow, tough crowd out there. :)

    In my defense, the picture that the Bergen County Record used with the article was a regular yellow daffodil similar to the picture that I posted. And it was not planted in a pot, it was in the ground outside. That's why I thought it was a bad tip.

    If the newspaper gave any many details as these commenters, then there wouldn't have been any confusion.

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