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I've really enjoyed answering the seed questions posted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Even more fun was seeing how many other people answered too. With a blog search of May Dreams Gardens I was able to find some great blogs out there that I would have never come across. Here are some of my new favorites.

I was impressed by Tracy of Outside and her computer aided seed starting setup. :)

Kim of A Study in Contrasts has gotten me curious about something called Winter sowing. She goes into more detail on the topic here - Winter Soltice Winter Sowing

Annie is austin from The Transplantable Rose not only answered the seedy questions but also told an interesting tale of her history with seeds.

Colleen from In The Garden Online is a fellow basement gardener. I look forward to comparing our lighting in future posts.

OldRoses at A Gardening Year had an off year and only planted "68 different kinds of flowers and herbs last year." Seed companies must love her.


  1. Tracy said...
    Anthony: Thanks for mentioning my blog in your post! I've really enjoyed getting to know your garden through your archives.
    Carol said...
    It has been fun and enlightening to see all the posts on seeds this week. We gardeners have a lot in common, withour "seedy ways"!
    Blackswamp_Girl said...
    I've enjoyed "meeting" you, too, via Carol's post! And if "musa basjoo" ends up being added to my Plant Delights order this spring, I am definitely coming back here to blame you for the inspiration. lol.
    Annie in Austin said...
    Anthony, your blog has been in my favorites since I first commented here last summer - thanks for enjoying my Seedy Saga!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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