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After a pool renovation that lasted way too long this summer, I was left with a great looking pool but not one blade of grass.

The workers and all the heavy machinery completely destroyed my lawn. It's really not their fault because I had them do some grading of the yard so they scooped away the lawn and all the top soil along with it.

The estimate for new sod was crazy ($$$) and after all the pool work was done, it just wasn't in the budget. I thought about putting down grass seed on the concrete-like dirt that I was left with but decided it would be a waste. I didn't want a lawn that was more weed than grass so I did some research. Terraseeding was the solution I was looking for.

Now this isn't that green paint looking stuff that's sprayed along highways after construction is done. I think you could spray that Franken-grass on cement and you'd still have lawn in like an hour or something. No thanks.

Mulch Express USA, the vendor I chose, describes Terraseeding like this, "A 1-inch layer of Turf Start soil mix impregnated with seed is blown in using a patented computer calibrated Seed Injection System." The soil mix was nice a dark and actually looked like compost. And the guy with the hose kept the mixture out of my flower beds and put it down exactly how I wanted. That sounded great to me and it was only a 1/3 of the cost of having sod put down. All I had to do was keep it moist until the seeds germinated and I'd have a lush lawn.

I put the sprinklers on twice a day for about a half an hour and after 1 week the seeds germinated. After 4 weeks I had a 3 inch high lawn. I couldn't be happier with my new grass. Even now in December, it still looks pretty lush. Next spring my yard should look great.


  1. Carlton Smythe said...
    How's the Terraseeding holding up? I live in South Jersey and am looking into this to renovate my lawn. Thanks for any advice you have on this.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Carlton,
    Well if you look at the date of that post it was from 2006 and I must say that my terraseeded lawn has done excellent over the years.

    Most important is to keep the seeds moist until they germinate. I set up a timer and watered three times a day for about a 1/2 hour each time. Within two weeks it was time to mow the lawn.

    I would definitely recommend it if you want to save a lot of money compared to sod.

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