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The Lone Blueberry

I haven’t written much about blueberries this year because as you can see from the post title, I was only able to grow one!

My 4 blueberry plants are about 4 years old and are usually full of blueberries every summer. I pick enough for some blueberry muffins and pancakes and then the birds eat the rest. I’d love to set up some netting so that there would be enough fruit to make jam or something but that’s on my ever growing to-do list of chores. Until I find some time to do that, I don’t mind sharing with the birds.

This year the blueberry plants had to be transplanted because there’s now a stacked stone retaining wall where the blueberries used to be. The wall looks great but it doesn’t improve the taste of my pancakes at all.

So the blueberry bushes are in a bed in my raised vegetable garden now. They really didn’t like the move and barely grew at all this year. But towards the end of summer they adjusted and starting showing some new growth. I should be back in business next year. So in my garden journal, I’ve marked 2006 as the Year of the Lone Blueberry.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Aww... did you at least get to eat that one, or did the birds beat you to it?
    Anthony said...
    Nope, the birds got it while it was still green. :( It's okay though, one blueberry wouldn't have made much of a pancake anyway.
    The County Clerk said...
    "The Year of the Lone Blueberry"

    I love that.

    You keep a sumptuous looking blog (I just found it).

    New Jersey Blueberries - wow. Love 'em.

    I can't wait to read about next years crop.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Clerk,

    Thanks for the sumptuous comment and welcome. I've been enjoying reading old posts on your Lake County blog. Be sure to write a lot about your new greenhouse when you move.
    Barbra Sundquist said...
    Thanks for stopping by HomeBusinessWiz. Your blog is delightful. I like the photos and the step by step of building a trellis is very helpful. Good luck and thanks again!

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