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What's Decomposing - Hot Peppers

With a blog named Compost Bin, I thought it was time that I started talking about composting. Today I cut down the last of my veggie garden and tossed it into the compost bin. All that was left was some hot pepper plants that didn't make it through the frost one night. Unfortunately I didn't have time to pick all the peppers before the frost but I'm not complaining because I ate enough peppers this summer.

This was an especially good peppers season. I grew Jalapenos, Caribbean Red Habaneros, Giant Marconis and Thai Dragons and they were all very productive.

So instead of feeding me, these plants can feed next year's garden. Into the compost bin they go. With all the leaves that are going in there lately, it's good that I had some greens too to add too.


  1. Anonymous said...
    a gardening friend of mine calls this "garden soup" or some such name.

    i am into composting too. i have some nice red worms working for me.
    Anonymous said...
    Have you tried freezing your excess chilli peppers? Because of the high oil content they freeze very well. When you use them straight from the freezer you can slice them quite thinly a great way to pep up your left over turkey is to combine it with your chillies in a curry.
    Anthony said...
    Becky, I think of my compost bin as more of a stew than a soup. Lot's of chunky goodness in there. :)

    Colin, freezing sounds like a good idea, I haven't tried it yet. I like to dry out my peppers in my dehydrator but didn't get a chance to do so with these because of an unexpected frost. Turkey, chilies and curry is definitely something I need to try.
    Anonymous said...
    i'm really new at this:
    isn't hot pepper a dangerous thing for the lovely animal who do the job within the compost heap?
    (please don't laugh, i'm a novice)
    Anthony said...
    Nope, not a problem. Compost microbes like it spicy. :)

    I really have no idea why the heat isn't an issue for them but I do know that it isn't a problem. Good luck.

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