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Where Are You Great Pumpkin?

My pumpkin patch definitely did well this year. Because of a lack of free time, I decided to just let pumpkin flowers bloom all over the place and didn't stop them. If I had limited it to say one pumpkin per plant, I would have had bigger pumpkins. Originally the goal was to have a 100 pound pumpkin but oh well. There's never enough time to get things down. Now at least I have more for the kids to paint or make Jack-O-Lanterns with.

Even without any special attention (other than lots of manure when planting) I'll probably get one or two 50 pound pumpkins.

The vines really took over the entire area and even grew up the side of a nearby 12 foot rhodo.

The last picture shows the vines that grew up a tree and over the fence into my neighbor's yard. So far he hasn't complained but I plan on pulling the vines down before he notices the big pumpkin in his bushes. Ooops!


  1. Hanna said...
    Haha! I love that you have runaway pumpkins!

    I wish I had that problem. I can never get pumpkins to grow.
    FinnyKnits said...
    I knew that was bound to happen somewhere!! I've had my pumpkin (and spaghetti squash, and honeydew, and watermelon, and, and, and) grow up the back wall of my property and over the fence into my neighbor's yard (and hers into mine) every year - but the plants always stop short of actually producing on the way over the wall. That is great! And congrats on the pumpkins - mine got attacked by wilt and I'm still mourning the loss. Happy Halloween!
    Anthony said...
    I don't think my neighbor was as thrilled as you guys were though because he had his landscapers cut them all down. :(

    I don't blame him and I had all the big pumpkins on my side of the fence anyway.

    The biggest was 75 pounds and there were a few others that were over 40. So I'm very happy with the pumpkin patch this year.

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