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The Tomatoes Are Coming!!!

I feel like Paul Revere after a trip to garden lately. I'm always announcing to my family what's growing by shouting things like, "The Tomatoes Are Coming!"

I haven't figured out how I will signal if they are coming by land or by sea yet though. :)


  1. steven said...
    mmmmmm New Jersey tomatoes, the best kind outside of Italy.
    Hanna said...
    :( All I have are blossoms. The darn (cool) weather here has kept my tomato plants small. I am jealous.
    Anthony said...
    The past week here we've had rain forest weather. Nothing but wet, hot & steamy. And I guess the tomatoes are happy about it. And my hot pepper plants doubled in size too.

    I feel bad for all the people who got flooded but I'm also happy about my tomatoes. Does that make me a bad person or a happy gardener?
    Annie in Austin said...
    They look wonderful, Anthony - which variety are these? They'll probably have lovely, delicate thin skins, unlike the tougher hide produced by too many days over 100ยบ.
    rachelle said...
    i'm so jealous. my cherry tomatos are just starting to set fruit but i'm just wiating for the rest of the larger varieties to go. and no, it does not make you a bad gardener. otherwise, i would be going to heck as i rejoice with glee for my fruit.

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