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Summer Squash Sunburst Hybrid

I went away for the weekend and came back and found some tiny Sunburst Squash in my garden. It's always fun to NOT visit the vegetable garden for a day or two and then see what's changed while you were gone. It's even better when it rains a lot during that time because who wants to come back to dried up plants.

I've never grown a scallop type squash before so I'm very excited to see what they taste like. I would think that they should be ready to harvest quicker than the larger crook neck that I usually grow. So that means more squash for dinner. Sounds great to me.


  1. California Gardener in Zone 23 said...
    This photo is wonderful. I love the yellow/green combination and the shape is fabulous.
    Anthony said...
    Thanks, hopefully they'll taste fabulous too.
    steven said...
    I love the scallop type squashes, they have a great flavor and a much tighter-finer texture than other squashes and the hold up well in soups and on the grill without collapsing to mush.

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