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Flowering Vine

I'm pretty sure this is a Honeysuckle Vine. It smells great when it blooms and it grows like a weed. The vine came from my neighbors yard but it's welcome on my side of the fence too. In fact these vines are taking over my chain link fence and providing a nice screen between our two pools (except he actually gets to use his pool).


  1. Xris said...
    It's a rose.
    steven said...
    Your mystery plant is a probably a rosa multiflora which while beautiful and wonderfully scented is considered an invasive plant in several reigons of the country. I have some in my hedges and I enjoy them very much, but I keep an eye on them and cut them back when they start getting rowdy.

    My sympathies on the pool troubles, I hope you get to swim this season!
    Annie in Austin said...
    Hi Anthony,

    In the photo the flowers look more like Mockorange than honeysuckle. Mockorange smells wonderful!

    Anthony said...
    Wow, lots of different opinions on what this flowering vine actually is. I guess I'll just watch it and cut it back if it gets too aggressive.

    And I'll enjoy the flowers too.
    Annie in Austin said...
    Hi Anthony,

    Duh! Steven is right, not me - heard 'nice smell' and forgot to count the petals.

    LauraHinNJ said...
    Yep - multiflora rose.

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