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Blackberries In Need Of A Trellis

Yikes, those sticks that I put in the ground last year have turned into Blackberries. I'm a big fan of the Blackberry so I picked up one of those boxes from Costco that had 2 Raspberry and 2 Blackberries in it. It sat around for a month or two before I got it into the ground. I figured it was too late at that point and cursed my garden procrastination (always too much to do). But at the end of the season one blackberry plant had a couple of green leaves on it.

This year is a different story. These cane are shooting up all over the place. Since berries only grow on old wood, I'm already excited about next year's berries.

But I must build a trellis quickly before the thing is crawling on the ground and into my neighbors yard.


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