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Meet the newest members of my yard. My Plant Delights order came in the other day. With a newly built 5 foot tall retainning wall now circling my pool area, I needed some green to soften them up a bit. I chose Colocasia gigantea Thailand Giant Strain (Giant Elephant Ear), Musa Basjoo (Hardy Banana) and Stuttgart Variegated Canna. All of which should grow taller than my walls and definitely green up the stone dominated area.

At this point the Musa Basjoo looks like a stick in a pot but it could grow up to 12 feet tall if I can get it in the ground. But my yard is on hold for a week or two while we wait for the new pool liner to come in. That means I'll have workers stomping around my yard for at least another month. I better stick with the pots to keep these guys safe.

For the first time I was able to overwinter my Hibicus standard indoors so I figured I'd make my fall chores a little hardy with this purchase. If I keep these plants in pots, I'll have to bubble wrap them and store them in the garage over the winter but the Musa Bajoo may make it into the ground. That will mean that I have to cut it back and heavily mulch it and put a tarp over it to keep it dry. I have fond memories of helping my Grandfather build a giant box to overwinter his fig tree every year so maybe it won't seem too much like a chore.


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