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Composting On Campus

Campus Composting: "For the past two years, UVic has been composting all food wastes from its restaurants and food outlets on campus. Now the program is being expanded to allow students, faculty and staff to drop food leftovers and 'compost-ables' into special green totes located at three centralized recycling stations on campus..." - The Ring - The University of Victoria's Community Newspaper

This is a great idea that needs to be adopted on a broader scale. Everyday in my office I see tons of waste that is wasted! The coffee machine alone could definitely kick start someone's compost bin all by itself. I'd take then home with me but it isn't too easy to haul grinds on the subway and then on my bus. Multiply my office by like a million more that are located in NYC and think about all that space that could be saved in the landfills.

10-20 years ago we didn't have extra garbage cans for bottles and soda cans or even a recycled paper bin. Maybe we'll get to the point where public compost bins are wide spread too.


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