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Musa Basjoo Banana

Now here's something that you don't see every day. A banana tree with little bananas on it in New Jersey.

I'm a big fan of the hardy banana plant, the musa basjoo and I have been growing them for years now. Every fall I dig them up, wrap them in newspapers, bubble wrap or burlap and overwinter them in my garage.

But this is the first time that I've ever gotten the plant to flower and actually make tiny little bananas. How cool is that?

What's even more interesting is that because of the Crazy June Hailstorm that we had here in my area, the plants lost all of their leaves and looked really beaten down most of the summer. They really are the smallest and have the fewest leaves since I bought the original plant years ago.

But maybe that stress forced the musa basjoo survival instincts to kick in and they tried to create some seeds. Well whatever the reason, it's pretty neat to have a banana tree with bananas. We don't have a long enough summer for them to become fully grown and I don't think the musa basjoo fruit is edible but I'll be watching these plants with great interest for the rest of the summer.


  1. Annie in Austin said...
    Congratulations, Anthony!

    Bubble wrap = bananas in New Jersey!

    Who'd a thunk it.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    Katie said...
    Wow! I am so glad you're garden is turning out better than you expected when you thought all was lost in June.

    I hope they're edible.
    Anthony said...
    Thanks Annie! I try to use what I have on hand. Sometimes it's bubble wrap. :)

    Hi Katie! The garden is doing terrible this year so the picture is actually an illusion. Notice the tight shot of the bananas? It's because the rest of the plant only has a couple of leaves on it.

    Hey glad I made the cut of blogs you still read. :)
    juniperez said...
    Congrats. I have Basjoos growing inground up here in Rochester NY and they're doing great. Not much growth this year (crazy weather) but this is their 2nd year. I also have Musa sikkimensis which are about as hardy (you might like their copper underleaves and reddish stripes). I love my basjoos though.

    The basjoo bananas CAN be tasted if you want to try - just not enough sucrose to give it sweet taste and the large seeds are annoying.

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