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Strawberry Thief

I think that over the winter all of the wildlife in my yard got together, had a few meetings, and they have declared war on my garden. Here's one of their agents of evil stealing a strawberry.

Well listen here wildlife, you know how I had the yard certified as a Natural Wildlife Habitat all those years ago? Well if you keep eating all of my food, I'm going to have it un-certified. No more food, water and shelter for you greedy little critters.

Seriously, I think this year's vegetable garden is going to consist of nothing but peppers and tomatoes. The latest victim was a bed full of kohlrabi. Thankfully, none of the little creatures have messed with the peppers and tomatoes. But I had better keep a close eye on them.


  1. Colleen said...
    After all you've done for them, this is how they repay you? :-)

    If only chipmunks, woodchucks, and squirrels could feel guilt! I didn't know your yard was NWF certified. I was thinking about doing that too, but I never got around to it.

    The squirrels that are eating my strawberries have a nest in my tree, and they are always in my yard. They ate my cannas, and they've been chewing on the bush beans I planted. I'm totally feeling like Bill Murray from "Caddyshack" right about now...
    Anthony said...
    Yes, I did the NWF thing about 4-5 years ago. Although they'd probably disqualify me if they saw me chasing after that woodchuck with the pool net this weekend. :)

    Bill Murray is a great role model. I think I'll follow his lead and get some C4.
    Pam said...
    Oh, but it's so cute! How could you hurt such a cute furry little thing!?!?! Heh. I chased off my resident squirrels by switching to squirrel proof feeders. Of course, I live in a pretty urban area, so there's not much else to draw them. I also put a net over my fruit as it ripens, so only the outside berries get et. But oh, the fiendish thing is quite cute!
    Darren said...
    Squirrels are tasty, just consider your NWF efforts to be part of your efforts to be self-sufficient.

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