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Garden Damage

Well here it is, the middle of June and I don't have a vegetable garden anymore. The day before the hail storm in New Jersey, I had tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, rhubarb, corn and more but now I have nothing but shredded wheat.

It's really amazing how a bad hail storm can destroy a garden. I was so worried about the woodchucks eating my plants that I never considered that I should worry about ice falling from the sky.

Its definitely too late to start over using seeds. I may pick up a few tomato plants at the nursery just so that I can get something from the summer garden. But mostly I'm just going to move on and focus on planning the late summer/fall garden. There's lots of great cool season crops and root veggies that I've been meaning to try.

Well I'll start planning it once I clean up this mess.


  1. v8grrl said...

    maybe the cilantro will survive?
    I'm crying for you
    Linda said...
    O Dear, this is so heartbreaking for a fellow gardener to hear. I wish you good luck and good weather for your fall garden.
    Ed Bruske said...
    Sympathies all around. That's tragic. I would be sick if that happened to my garden. But you must pick up and keep going. Start planting again.
    mostlypurple said...
    Ouch! It hurts to read this. My condolences... I knew hail could damage plants but damn!...Tonight's forcast here is for possible hail so I'm going to cover everything I can possibly cover...maybe even move the trampoline over the corn!
    Anonymous said...
    So sorry to hear about your garden. We have very severe weather here in Missouri too so I feel your pain about the hail damage. I look forward to hearing how your cool season crops do. Hang in there!
    SNJGardener said...
    Where are you? I have volunteer tomato plants I'd love to give away.

    KayGee said...
    Ohhh, I am soo sorry...that really hurts. I hope you can salvage a few things from a garden center and enjoy something from the garden.
    LHR said...
    So sorry to hear about your garden! I had the same thing happen once in North Texas garden. They also had "hail sales" on car lots there to get rid of cars that received damage in the form of dents from huge chunks of hail.

    Enjoy your cool weather gardening!
    Amy Kate said...
    I'm so so sorry about this. All spring, all the work, all the selection, all the planting, tending, nursing, hoping, and so on, just gone.
    I wish I lived closer so I could pass along some of my plants to you!
    Jeremy said...
    That is so terrible. I am sorry that happened!!! Good luck with replanting.
    sarah k. said...
    Everybody already said what I was gonna say. Oh, man. I'm so sorry. So, so sorry.

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