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Growing Arugula

Growing ArugulaMy 4 year old daughter, who at this point is a lot more interested in gardening than my 6 year old son, came to me during breakfast with big news the other day. "Your Rogoogula is growing."

And since then, I've been calling it Rogoogula too. I like the name better than regular old Arugula. Even Rocket Arugula (the seed variety) doesn't have that same ring to it like Rogoogula does.

But regardless of what I'm going to call it, it did sprout pretty quickly under the light setup that I have in my basement. I'm going to wait until some true leaves appear before I thin out the seedlings. This way I can put the cuttings to good use on a sandwich or something. These first leaves don't really taste anything but once the true leaves start growing, the plants actually taste like arugula.

I'm still a long way from having arugula pesto but since it's still February, I'm just happy that I'm doing any gardening.


  1. JGH said...
    I like Roogoogula too. (The way it tasts AND the way it sounds.)

    For the same reason I can't stop calling strawberries "tabebbies"

    Red Icculus said...
    I just picked up some arugula too. I can't wait to start it!
    Ruth Ferguson said...
    Believe it or not, I tasted Arugula for the first time last year. When I ate it at a potluck dinner there salad had nuts in it and I thought that was where the nutty flavor came from...LOL.

    Decided to try and grow some in my NEW garden. I bought the seeds for Wild Arugula, Rocket Salad, Roquette is the name on the seed packet.

    I assume it is not hard to grow?

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