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Holiday Gifts For Gardeners

How many blogs have you seen this holiday season with their gift recommendations for their niche? Maybe you’ve seen, 6 Things Every Scrapbooker Needs or 4 Great Gifts For The Chef In Your Life. There’s nothing wrong with posts like that and in fact I get some great ideas from them but this is not one of those posts.

This post is a lot more selfish. When I say Holiday Gifts For Gardeners, the “Gardeners” part is really me. So what I’m trying to say is that these are Holiday Gifts For Me. If I had some extra money that didn’t have to go towards stuff like the mortgage or college funds, this is what I would buy myself this holiday season.

Growing stuff indoors, without dirt in a nice, shiny, candy-like appliance is right up my alley. And while I’m dreaming, why not have a few of them on my counter. Having all that greenery would improve my indoor air quality and I could grow herbs in one (who doesn’t want fresh basil year round), cherry tomatoes in another and the last one would be for the salad greens.

Actually, who in their right mind would have three Aerogardens taking up all of that counter space in their kitchen? I might as well get a greenhouse. And since it’s only going to exist in my imagination, let’s assume that the green house is heated. Heating a greenhouse in NJ would probably cost as much as heating my regular house. But I’m not worried about that because it’s much cheaper to heat a greenhouse in your imagination.

There I could grow those cherry tomatoes, salad greens and herbs (and who doesn’t want enough fresh basil to make pesto year round). It would also be great for seed starting in the late winter.

Worm Bin
Another thing I’ve been meaning to do is start a worm bin. Worm castings are just as good for your plants as compost, maybe even better. And I’ve got tons of kitchen scraps to keep them well fed all year round.

NatureMill PRO Automatic Composter
You know what, having worms sounds like a lot of work. I think a NatureMill Indoor Composter might be a lot easier. You just toss your kitchen scraps in and it turns them into fresh crumbly compost in a few weeks. No mixing, no worrying about keeping it the wet enough to feel like a wrung out sponge, no fuss, no muss.

Rain Barrel
Have you ever gone out to your garden or lawn after a rain storm and thought you could actually see the plants growing right before you eyes? Rainwater is so much better for a garden than the stuff that comes out of the faucet. I’ve always wanted to have a few rain barrels to collect and store rain.

Drip Irrigation
But who wants to lug around all that water stored in a barrel? Probably drip irrigation would be an easier way to water my raised beds. And I could put them on a timer and then set it and forget it. Now that sounds nice.

Time Machine
Hey, you know what? Who am I kidding? Even if I had an unlimited budget for these fun gardening projects there would still be a problem. I really don’t have the free time to add most of these things to my routine. I’d have a jungle on my kitchen counters, starving worms, overflowing water barrels and an overgrown greenhouse. What I really need is a time machine. This way I would be able to finish my gardening projects and even take on a bunch more.

So if you know a gardener like me, forget about all of those Great Gardener Gift ideas that you’ve seen around the Internet. You only need to get them one gift this holiday season and it’s a time machine.


  1. red icculus said...
    This is a great list! The Aerogarden 3 is the slightly more economical version which is just as fun.
    Norie said...
    I wish I had a rain barrel last few days.... I never knew about that item, so thanks for the great list. You should get a greenhouse, or cold frame! Even my cheap 3x3 pop-up greenhouse is still keeping my salad green healthy and growing at this time. I don't have any heating equipment inside, because it's too small and full of planters and no extra space. I simply placed my greenhouse in a sunny spot.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Red,
    I have to check out the "3". More economical is always better.

    Hi Norie,
    That's great that your salad greens are still going strong in a pop up. Next year, I'll definitely get something to extend my harvest.
    jacubed said...
    I just wanted to say it's great to have you back "composting" online. Your posts always cheer me up.
    Anonymous said...
    I ordered the NatureMill (who isn't seduced by that fancy video?). I was surprised by the material of which it was made (like heavy-duty, coated styrofoam). For $300, I guess I was expecting something else. I sent it back. The search continues!
    lisa said...
    I can help you with your vermicomposting wishes! Here are the plans I used to build a great inexpensive bin, here is my actual build, here is my worm source, and finally these people are a great resource for more info.

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