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Well, I'm back. I was going to take the rest of the summer off from blogging and focus on my career but my career is just too boring. The plan was to read a lot of programming books (I build corporate intranet sites for a living, you know IT stuff), take some training courses and update my certifications and get back into consulting but I that would have been a miserable summer.

I'm still going to update my skillset and look for consulting spots but I'm going to blog about compost while I'm doing it.

Mushroom PictureSo anyway, enough about that and on to something that I actually enjoy talking about, my garden. Well I usually enjoy talking about it but this year's garden is a disaster. I have totally neglected it lately and it shows.

Let's review for a moment, this summer I have neglected both my blog and my garden but that is about to change. In the garden, the first thing I need to do is some weeding but after that I need to spread some compost on my beds. I have a giant bin full and it's just sitting there rotting. That's usually a good thing but it'll be a better thing if it's in my vegetable garden.

And as far as blogging goes, I have lots of ideas for posts and videos and a backlog of pictures, so content shouldn't be a problem. I've also signed up for a course on Podcasting at SparkplugU because I'd like to turn my dopey videos into, well... a dopey podcast.

Part of the homework for the course is to figure out what your audience wants. So I've posted a survey (which should be directly above this post) asking what you'd like to see more of on this blog. I probably lost of bunch of my readers by telling them that I was going on hiatus but if anyone is still out there, please let me know. Anyone, anyone... Bueller?


  1. P~ said...
    Anthony, glad to have you back. I always enjoy your posts when I see them. I'm a .NET programmer myself and truth be told, if I couldn't garden (and blog about it) I don't know if I could bear to go to work each day. I only do it to support my gardening habit. :-)
    Don't feel too bad about letting things go. My great composting from last year has slid to a pathetic minimum. Although I have added worm composting and chickens so I'm letting them do the work for me and that's fun!
    Take care.
    Colleen said...
    Glad you're back! My husband tried that whole "I'm going to read nothing but networking and programming books" thing too, and he came to the same realization you did :-)

    I hope you do a podcast! I voted for "more retarded videos" in your poll.
    Anthony said...
    Thanks P~,
    I didn't know that you did .NET too (I do ASP.NET with C#). Yes, supporting this gardening habit does have it's price. :)

    Chickens and worms? Sounds awesome. I had better head over to your blog and catch up. Sounds like you're having a great summer.
    Anthony said...
    Thanks Colleen,
    Yes, I'm too old for the whole tunnel vision thing that I used to do in my 20ies. Now that I'm 40, balance seems to be key.

    I was hoping that someone would vote for retarded videos because I really enjoy making them. Thanks! :)
    Susy said...
    Glad you're back! Looking forward to your posts.
    Robespierre said...
    As a fellow NJ backyard organic gardener, I simply eat up any tips and experiences you put out there for us. Welcome back.
    Anonymous said...
    I can't even remember how I found your blog--through someone else's link, I'm sure. I am a new homeowner, and a new gardener. I find your composting tips most helpful, because it is easy to find gardening blogs, but less so to find composting ones. Thanks for taking the time, I enjoy your blog very much--all aspects, mind you.
    Lesley said...
    Welcome back!
    I just dropped by to see if you really meant it.... and "Lo & behold!" here you are again.

    My three compost heaps are doing well, and are rather like the magic purse I dreamed of as a child (you know, the one which always has something in it, no matter how much you took out!)
    kellypea said...
    Heh. I knew you'd be back. It's like a magnet, isn't it? And my job was far from boring, but it was killing me, so blogging and cooking is much more rewarding. Besides, I don't have to get dressed if I don't want to, right? I'm still hoping to get more space to plant things here, so lay it on, okay? I'm interested. Still won't have a place for compost, though. Well, unless I buy one of those little compost house thingys. Then maybe.
    Anthony said...
    I'd like to thank everyone for all of their kind words. I really, really appreciate it.
    Anonymous said...
    I started reading your blog when I began my own compost bin system a few months ago. I have benefited from your experiences. I think including photos is really helpful. Thank you for taking the time to keep going with this blog.

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