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Mystery Egg

bird eggLast night, when my wife came home from food shopping she noticed this egg was sitting there next to our azaelas. Earlier that day, she had dug up some of my burnt Zinias and now there was an egg in this burnt zinnia hole. No one noticed any birds in the area so now we have a mystery egg staying warm in the mulch.

My best guess would be that it's a duck egg. I don't know anything about what bird eggs look like but I say duck egg because we always have ducks hanging out by the pool. A few years back the pool was broken and we had ducks and frogs living in there so I guess these ducks remember the good old days and like to visit.

My son thinks it's a dinosaur egg and that would be pretty cool although I think we would have noticed a T-Rex popping a squat in our Azaelas.


  1. Kristy "Greenthumb" Guthrie said...
    Anthony--I finally made the compost tumbler! Thanks for the idea...here's my post about it: http://intheweedswithguthrie.blogspot.com/2008/06/making-compost-tumbler.html.
    Anthony said...
    That's some nice work Kristy! Here's a link to Kristy's Tumbler page for those of you that are having trouble with her link. Definitely worth a look.
    Blackswamp_Girl said...
    How fun! Did you ever find a creature coming back to roost on this cute little egg?
    Anthony said...
    Sadly, the mystery egg has disappeared. I thought it was hidden nicely in the mulch but sometime must have spotted it. Mystery egg, we hardly knew ya. :)
    lisa said...
    I might have guessed turtle, but they definately hide their eggs better. Guess he's off to that Easter basket in the sky!
    Daisy said...
    A triceratops named Uncle Beasley, by chance?

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