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Growing Bok Choy

Bok ChoyThis year I'm trying lots of new things in the vegetable garden. Just like the Swiss Chard that I'm growing, I've never grown Bok Choy before. But unlike the Swiss Chard, I've definitely eaten it and know that I love it.

The type of Bok Choy seeds that I picked were from Burpee and were actually labeled Pak Choi. From what I understand, Bok Choy, Pak Choi, Joi Choi are all the English language names of small Chinese Cabbage. There's a larger cabbage that's grown mostly in Northern China but I don't think they refer to it by the same names. Please feel free to correct me in the comments if I'm wrong.

Here's how the Burpee catalog describes it:

Pak Choi
Also known as bok choy or Chinese white cabbage. Pak choi is grown for its stalks which are used in oriental cooking. It is also delicious raw. Each plant bears 10-14 erect stalks, 8-10" long. Grows best in cool weather. Can be grown as a spring or fall crop.
And here's how I describe it:

Bok Choy is another early spring green that's pretty easy to grow. Just popped the seeds into the ground and watered. Now 2-3 months later, I'm searching all over the place for Bok Choy recipes to try because I have almost a whole raised bed full of them.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I too love it, if you are into drying, you will find a post on my blog regarding this, it dries without any blanching and lasts for the seasons you can't grow it.

    Is wonderful in soups and casseroles!

    Anthony said...
    Hi Molly,
    That's a great idea. I do have a food dehydrator but I never would have thought that I could use it with Bok Choy. Thanks!
    sarah k. said...
    In the Philippines, it's called petchay, and is used in traditional soups like paksiw (a fish soup with lots of vinegar and pepper) and in stir frys. I also found a recipe for patchay salad that's pretty similar to cole slaw, with vinegar and honey, but no mayo.
    Anthony said...
    This is great info, thanks Sarah!

    I know a no-mayo recipe for cole slaw, maybe I'll give it a try.
    kellypea said...
    Okay, so first off you need to slap me for not checking out your clearly awesome garden yet this spring. And second, do I love bok choy or what? I actually had to suppress myself from grabbing a package of baby bok choy. *sigh* Gorgeous bok choy, Anthony. Whachagonnamakewithit?
    Anthony said...
    Hi Kelly,
    There's no slapping allowed on my site. :) Yes, now I love bok choy too. I'm definitely going to dehydrate some of it because I'll never cook it all before it flowers.

    And I was going to post my Chicken & Bok Choy stir fry recipe on my seldom posted on Kitchen Blog last night but I clicked on the Food Buzz link on your site and wasted a few hours there. :)
    Cas said...
    Hi I am a first time vegie gardener with my grand daughter who is 3 we are both learning how good it is to grow our own vegies. and bok choy is one of our crops :) my question is : a few of our bok choy plants look like they have gone to flower does this mean they are no longer any good to eat?
    cheers carolle
    Anthony said...
    Hi Carolle,
    With most other crops, when they flower, they bolt and lose their flavor. But I've heard that the Bok Choy flowers are edible and actually delicious.

    I never ate any of the bolting stems or the flowers but let me know if you find a good recipe. I'm definitely going to plant more Bok Choy soon for a fall harvest.
    Sandra said...
    I'm trying to grow bok choy for the first time also, my results have been a little different;on mine the leaves are spaced far apart on the stem.

    Can you describe the conditions you are growing in? clearly I'm doing something wrong :)
    Anthony said...
    Hi Sandra,
    It could be a different variety of bok choy or maybe it's not getting enough light. I also plant in heavily composted raised beds and that helps a lot too. Good luck!
    Sandra said...
    Hi Anthony,
    thanks for the tip! will add some compost and see what the next patch brings.

    Will also try eating the flowers :)

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