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Growing Strawberries

strawberry plantI really must get these new strawberry plants in the ground. They're producing berries even though they're sitting on my patio in the peat pots that I bought them in. I'm not complaining and in fact I'm very happy that they aren't dried up and dead due to neglect. I really must invent a way to get 40 hours of gardening done in my free time.

Berries are very popular in my yard. Between the usual garden pests (birds, squirrels, etc) and my two kids (yes, I'm comparing my kids to pests), I don't get to eat too many berries even though I grow tons of them. Although, lately my defense for dealing with the berry eaters is to plant more and more berry plants.

I'm pretty sure that I want to plant these strawberries in the ground and not in a raised bed or a planter. This way the runners have solid ground to run to and in a few years if all goes well, I'll have a gigantic strawberry patch. Maybe I'll even get to eat one or two.

Just like most other plants, strawberries seem to like rich soil amended with compost. I know I sound like a broken record with the compost but this is the Compost Bin after all. If I ever talk about growing grapes, I'll skip the compost advice. My father, who planted a couple of hundred grape vines on his property tells me this anyway. And he's also figured out how to get 40 hours of gardening done in his free time. It's called retirement.


  1. Colleen said...
    My kids get dibs on any strawberries the birds don't eat, so I haven't had a homegrown strawberry since we've had kids. I need to be sneakier when I harvest them, I think. Same with the raspberries.

    There's no such thing as too much compost, or too much talk about compost, for that matter :-)
    MNjen said...
    I'd love to plant strawberries! I dont have any compost though. I just started my compost bin last week.

    I also have a grape vine that I planted, but 3 days after I planted it, it actually snowed! So it died. I may buy another one and try it again.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Colleen,
    Yes, sneakier strawberry picking is my plan too. Wish us luck!

    Hello mnjen,
    I'm glad to hear that you've started a compost bin. Welcome to the club. :)

    Grape vines are pretty boring the first year but give them time and you'll be sold. Good luck with your next try.
    Melinda said...
    Mmmm... retirement. Someday in retirement we will all have gigantic gardens, eh?

    My strawberries are in pots, but they sent out loads of runners before we left Geyserville - I left the runners in the ground, dreaming that the new residents would have a yummy strawberry patch this year. The strawberry pots hated the move (I think the moving van got too hot), but they're now snapping back to life and are budding again. Amazingly resilient!
    gardengirl said...
    We've been harvesting strawberries for about a week now. We have them in cages with chicken wire, because without them the birds and chipmunks and every other varmint within a 10 mile radius would be feasting on the berries.

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