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Why I Grow Mint In The Garden

Some home owners avoid growing mint because it tends to spread all over the place. Well I say let it spread. You can never have enough mint. And does anyone know where I can find a hardy lime tree?


  1. Ki said...
    For some reason the video doesn't play when I click on it. We made a huge mistake by planting some spearmint and have been trying to get rid of it for three years. It's even more persistent than Canadian thistle. No more mint for me.
    Willfrost said...
    Mint + lime? Am I to understand that you're a mojito fan!
    Anthony said...
    Hmmm, video problems? It's only a YouTube Video, just about all browsers should be able to play it.

    Willfrost, were you able to see the mojito video?

    But yes, big mojito fan!

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