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HibicusUnlike my giant elephant ear, this hibicus made it inside the house for the winter. I trim it back to make it smaller and neater and it overwinters in my living room. Been doing it for 3 years so far and the plant is doing just fine.

But anyway, it was looking a little be droopy recently so I added shot of Sea Magic Fertilizer to my watering can and now it's flowering. Wow, this stuff is really good. I think I used it once on my tomatoes and some other vegetables very early in the season but really I just forgot that I bought it (my garage is a giant disaster).

You fill up a gallon bottle with water and add the contents of the package to make it in concentrated form. Then just splash a little bit of the concentrate into a full watering can and you're ready to go.

During the winter my hibicus doesn't grow too much and has never flowered inside before so this is kind of exciting for me. I plan on doing some experiments with my houseplants to see what other damage I can cause. Have to get my gardening fix somehow. Still have a long way to go until spring.


  1. heirloomgardener said...
    I never thought of over-wintering hibiscus--thanks.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Heirloomgardener,
    Sure, I've been doing it with no problems for a while now so give it a try.

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