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Improving Compost's Image

Let's face it, compost needs a makeover. The only press that compost gets is when there's a neighborhood battle over a stinky compost bin. You don't hear teens at the mall saying things like, "Dude, compost is the awesome!" Even Al Gore really didn't mention much about compost during his many speeches and events that helped him earn a Nobel Prize.

When you think of compost, if you're like most non-gardeners, you think of garbage. And besides Oscar the Grouch, how many things associated with garbage are even remotely popular?

Well this composter would like to take his hat off to Julia Roberts. While Britney's meltdowns are making big news by demonstrating a celebrity who's falling apart, Julia Roberts is making news by doing it right and going green. I've read a few articles where she mentions what she's doing to be more environmentally friendly and one of those the things she's mentioning is composting.

It sounds silly when you talk about composting, but it’s something that is manageable in my household, something that I know we can accomplish.

Pssst... composting is good for the planet. Pass it on.


  1. Katie said...
    Isn't it sad that it takes a celebrity to get people interested in something that is so easy and rewarding?

    But then again, I don't plan on getting pregnant like all the other hollywood celebs....so I'm not exactly their target market.


    Katie at GardenPunks
    fridrix said...
    She's not that pretty.
    Ed Bruske said...
    right on

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