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Everytime I walk by my arugula seedlings I think of that scene in My Blue Heaven when Vinnie (Steve Martin) is shopping at the supermarket.

Vinnie: Arugula. I haven't had arugula in six weeks.
Supermarket Manager: What's that?
Vinnie: It's a veg-it-able.


  1. P~ said...
    MMM. I have never grown these myself but I intend to this year. I haven't started mine yet, but I will this weekend. Have you grown them before? Any suggestions?
    Colleen said...
    LOL I love that scene!! Steve Martin is hilarious in general.

    I didn't do arugula this year. I might have to find a spot to tuck some in :-)
    steven said...
    I've got my arugula to the point where I don't have to plant seed any nore, it just comes up all over the garden....and in the lawn.
    Ottawa Gardener said...
    The brassica family with their cherry and easy to identify seed leaves. Ah, so tasty.
    Ki said...
    They look like radish seedlings. I wonder if it's in the same family?
    Anthony said...
    P~, I've only grown it once before and it bolted sooner than I had my fill, so my suggestion is to get it in the ground right away.

    Colleen, I love the scene when they're in the Olive Garden too. Great movie!

    Steven, You're lucky. If I had a lawn full of arugula, I bring a bottle of salad dressing out with me whenever I mowed the lawn. :)

    Ottawa, does it actually look like arugula because I planted arugula, brocolli rabe, carrots, beets & lettuce that day and I forgot to mark them. At this point they all look pretty similiar so I took a guess that this was the arugala. :)

    Ki, now I know it's not radishes. I didn't plant any of those. :)
    Crafty Gardener said...
    I've enjoyed looking around your blog and have added it to my World garden links for future visits. Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck in remembering where you planted everything.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Crafty,
    Thanks for the visit. I've already added your blog to my Google Reader.

    And fortunately, all my seeds sprouted so I don't have to worry about knowing what I need to replant.

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