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Plum Newport

I picked up a Plum Newport the other day. Now this definitely was not an impulse purchase. I've been meaning to get one of these for a while. In fact I wanted to get two of them last year but couldn't find one anywhere for less than big bucks.

The area around my pool has no tree/shrubs/plants. There's nothing there after the pool renovation. I'll pick up a few items this season but I'm sure it won't look like I want for several years. It's okay, I'm patient.


  1. Annie in Austin said...
    A lot of us keep a list in our heads, Anthony. To an outsider it may look like an impulse buy, but other gardeners know you were just being efficient!

    Good luck with finding more treasures on sale...

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    Marc said...
    I'm not familiar with Plum Newport. Is it an ornamental tree, or a plum tree for fruit?

    BTW, I'm glad you will get to use your pool this year! No more renovations?
    Anthony said...
    Annie, yes, efficiency is my middle name. :)

    Marc, you're right, no more money... I mean no more renovations. :)

    I bought the Plum just for it's nice purple leaves. Hadn't really thought about getting fruit.

    Here's what the plant tag said about Newport Plum:
    Hardiest of purple-leaf plums with new leaves a bronze-purple changing to dark purple. Round headed, deciduous tree bears pale pink to antique white flowers which produce purple fruit. Use as accent or in groupings.
    Ottawa Gardener said...
    If you are in the mood for more plum, the montreal plum is a (green leafed) self fertile extremely hardy plum.

    The newport sounds lovely.

    I have a list too though often I buy something and something else sneaks its way into my basket.
    Gotta Garden said...
    Wow...that's impressive all the work you've had (past tense?) done!

    The plum sounds lovely...hope it all works out the way you imagine!
    Anna said...
    Anthony - I remember the 'lone blueberry' post, and am now wondering what varieties do you grow? I'm looking to plant some in my zone 7 NJ yard.
    Anonymous said...
    We planted a Newport Plum a couple years ago on one corner of our deck. I bought it at Home Depot at the end of the season when all the trees look very tired and destined for the chipper. Probably paid $10 at the close of the season before they threw away the tired trees. It's spectacular. It's supposed to be slow growing according to some 'net sources, but it's growing like a weed. I've never seen a fruit tree grow so fast -- it has to be a mutant. In the couple years since I planted it, it probably has added 8' to its height from a start of about 6' tall. Now it reaches the second floor bedroom windows. Beautiful fragrance in bloom, beautiful leaves -- we're very happy with it. Good luck.

    Karl Thoennes, Sioux Falls, SD

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