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What's Decomposing - Snow

It's depressing that spring is here but my yard is still full of snow. It was 60 degrees today and now it's raining tonight so I'm hoping the snow will be gone by the weekend.

It's good to keep the stuff in your compost bin moist but I don't think big wads of snow make for great microbial activity. Today I stuck my hand deep down into the compost pile and there wasn't any heat what so ever and that's just depressing.


  1. domestika said...
    The farmers around here call the melting-time snow "white fertilizer"... don't know why, exactly, but it sounds so positive, doesn't it?
    Anthony said...
    White fertilizer? I never thought about that before but it makes sense. Rain is so much better than water from the hose that it's like fertilizer. So why not snow too? Thanks for making me think domestika!

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