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2007 Burpee Catalog

Christmas has come twice this week. Today I found the 2007 Burpee Catalog in my mailbox. I guess Santa ate too many Christmas cookies and couldn't get down the chimney this time.

I was thinking about using my vegetable garden to start perennials this year. My yard is in some serious need of help after the pool renovation. I'm starting from square one again in all of my beds and borders. So using the raised beds with their great fluffy soil to grow some perennials from seed might actually make a dent in my empty beds. Buying even the smallest plants to fill these spaces would cost way too much money.

But after seeing the Burpee catalog, I started making a long list of vegetables that I want to grow this year. I mean this could be the year that I finally break the 100 pound mark for a pumpkin. Or maybe I'll actually break out my dehydrator and make some sun dried tomatoes like I always wanted to do. Right now, in December, the possibilities are endless.

I think maybe I'll build an extra seed starting rack and grow those perennials in my basement. No reason to waste my vegetable garden on something other than vegetables.


  1. Elaine Sieberg said...
    I got that one too, it was very pleasant. It always a nice end to the holiday season to get those pretty colorful catalogs. Do you get the Park Seed and wayside books too?
    Anthony said...
    Hi Elanie,

    Wayside has a great catalog that I enjoy. Great shrubs. But what about Park Seed? Am I missing something?
    Elaine Sieberg said...
    Oh, you don't like that one?? I guess I like their selection of fruit and vegetable seeds.
    Anthony said...
    No, it's not that I don't like them. I'm just not too familiar with them. I'll take your advice and check them out this year.
    Reggie Solomon said...
    I received the Burpee Catalog in the mail too, but not until February. I think it's the case, that after New Years, and filing taxes, the next big thing to do is plan ones summer garden. I know I'm total seed magazine junkie when it comes to winter garden reading.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Reggie, Thanks for visiting. I agree that seed catalogs are required winter reading. :)

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