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Vanishing Strawberries

You know, when I bought these strawberry plants, I thought I might be able to eat at least one strawberry this summer. Well it turns out that probably won't be the case. Sure they're growing great and as you can see, the flowers are having no problem setting fruit. It's just that the squirrels are beating me to them. They don't even wait until the strawberries turn red. This green one in the picture was gone when I woke up this morning. No fair!!!


  1. Christa said...
    No fair is right! Get some netting around those babies!

    We had something snacking on our strawberries,too -- birds, I think. We had to put up a bunch of netting.
    steven said...
    Too bad the kids are too young for a BB gun! (but you aren't).
    Annie in Austin said...
    Did the tree rats let you have any of the tomatoes?
    Anthony said...
    I have the strawberries in a stone planter in the middle of my backyard patio. Any netting would probably snag birds and squirrels and then my kids would want to investigate. :( Next year I'll move them somewhere near the vegetable garden so I can net them.

    I'm almost old enough for a rocket launcher too. :)

    Thankfully nobody messes with my vegetable garden anymore. I have it fenced in like Fort Knox. The strawberries are out in the open and close to a large hedge which provides good cover for the "tree rats".
    Claire Splan said...
    I'm having the same problem, although I'm not sure if it's squirrels or raccoons. I was thinking about tying bunches of the berries into little net bags (like the kind that some produce comes in in the grocery stores) to see if that deters the thieves.
    steven said...
    Oh.. Rocket launchers aren't the best choice for squirrels, I'd suggest a 50 caliber machine gun mounted on a turret with a tracer round every 10 or so rounds so you can walk your fire into the squirrel.LOL

    Then again, I just use a Hav-A-Hart live trap.

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