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Musa Basjoo Update

It's been about 2 or 3 weeks since I received my Musa Basjoo (hardy non-fruiting banana) from Plant Delights and it's making good progress.

I choose the biggest pot I had as a temporary home. Once the pool contractors are done with their work I will not only have a pool that actually works but also a lot more places to plant things. At that point the musa basjoo will have a permanent home pool side for that tropical feel.

Since all banana trees are heavy feeders I filled the pot with a mixture of manure and compost. I also mulched the top to help retain some moisture. I guess this musa is enjoying his new home because there's been some growth.

It's really amazing how a few weeks ago I planted what looked like a stick into a pot and was happy about it. Even more puzzling is how much happier I am now that my stick in a pot has a leaf on it. And even better than the leaf, there is also what looks like a leader growing out of the stick now.

Hopefully by mid summer I should have a 6 foot tall banana tree by my pool. I will create some more Musa Basjoo Update posts to track it's progress.

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  1. Ladyseashells said...
    I heard they're not easy to grow but I think you're doing fine with it. Good Luck! and Happy Gardening!

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