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Dandelion Wine

When most people see a dandelion, they think "weed". But ever since I bought a wine making kit as a gift for my father a few years ago, I now think "wine". He makes the greatest dandelion wine I've ever tasted. It's actually the only dandelion wine I've ever tasted but that really doesn't matter.

You take one sip and instantly you have that warm feeling inside like you just took a swig of gasoline. And none of that regular gasoline, either. I'm talking high octane. Yup, that's the good stuff.


  1. roybe said...
    Dandelion root is used to make a nice coffee type beverage which is supposed to be good for the liver. I'd never heard of wine before, thats interesting.
    Anthony said...
    Hi roybe. I've tried Dandelion Coffee too. Very, very bitter but still good. After I pulled all of the dandelions in my lawn one day, I decided to try it so I put some of the roots in the dehydrator for about 6 hours. Probably not worth the effort but still fun to try.

    I'll stick to my father's Dandelion Wine though. You should give it a try if you can find it.
    Hanna said...
    Thanks for stopping by my gardening blog!

    I have to ask, do you have the recipe for your father's dandelion wine? I have been meaning to make some but I am not sure what makes a "good" dandelion wine. If you have a recipe that is good, I would like to try it.

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