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Starting Seeds

I always order way too many seeds. I think reading gardening catalogs in the dead of winter has some sort of hallucinogenic effect on the mind. I wasn’t actually hearing any voices telling me to buy more seeds but I did anyway. Now I’ll have to warp time and space in order to plant all the seeds I bought. And to top it off, I forgot all about the extra seeds that I saved from last year.

First thing I have to do is set up my seed starting rig. I use a wire rack shelving unit and attach fluorescent lights to each shelf. And no peat pots for me. I bought a dozen APS Self-Watering Seed Starter Trays from Gardeners.com a few years ago and I’m very happy with them. It was a great investment no matter what my wife said when the UPS truck showed up at our house. I think I’ve given her a UPS phobia. When ever she sees the truck pull up, she runs to check the credit card bill. But as I was saying, I get very close to 100% germination with any seed I put in those trays. I use the 24 chamber trays and I can fit 9 of them under the lights on my rack. That’s 216 little plants growing in my basement. Well they’ll start growing if I start planting and get away from this computer.


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