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Planning My Garden - 2006

Sometimes I get so involved with the compost making process that I forget why I actually do it. But then spring rolls around and the gardening catalogs start piling up and it becomes easy to remember.

Well I just checked the weather report for the week and they say that we could hit 60 degrees by Friday. That settles it. It's time to make my final plans for my 2006 garden.

One of the most exciting parts about gardening comes before you can't even get a shovel into the dirt. Planning the garden and setting garden goals is always fun. Most people have New Year's Resolutions but I like to set my unrealistic, hard to achieve goals sometime in March. There's nothing more fun that sitting down with some hot chocolate, a pad, a pencil and a stack of seed catalogs. The sky is the limit at this point. There's no lack of free time to worry about yet or garden pests eating your seedlings. Nothing but plans and ideas.

Garden 2005
Here's a picture of last years veggie garden taken sometime late May

This years goals:
1 - Build more raised beds
2 - Start a worm bin
3 - Build all tomato cages before the plants topple over
4 - Net blueberry bushes before birds eat them
5 - Buy a compost tumbler
6 - More compost tea
7 - Have the courage to thin seedlings (poor little guys)
8 - Harden off my seedlings slowly and not just hope for the best
9 - Accomplice more garden goals than last year

Like I said, the sky is the limit at this point.


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