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Garden 2006 - Pool and Peppers

I forgot to mention that there’s a big old monkey wrench being thrown in my garden plans this year. I have contractors at my house working on my pool. The pool hasn’t worked in a few years and it was time to bite the bullet, take out a big loan and get that frog bog working again. They’re also expanding the pool area, building retaining walls and putting down a paver pool deck. So planning around the Bobcat and Backhoe and giant mountains of excavated dirt where my lawn used to be is definitely a challenge. But who doesn’t love a gardening challenge.

Next vegetable on my Burpee seed list is peppers. I like to definitely go with something scorching hot. Caribbean Red Habanero is supposed to be three times as hot as regular habs. They sound perfect for making hot pepper flakes in my dehydrator. Scorching hot pepper, done.

Now I need a long frying pepper. I grew Corno del Toro last year but I’m going to try something new this time. Giant Marconi Hybrid looks pretty good. The catalog says “heavy yield” and that’s what I like to see. I like to roast frying peppers and put them on a sandwich made from a semolina peasant loaf that I can get at the farmers market. Those Amish bakers really can make great bread. Wow, now I’m starving. Is it summer yet?

Jalepeno M, Thai Dragon and Golden Giant II Hybrid will round out my pepper selection for this year.


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