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Vermicomposting isn't as hard as people think

Web sites offer info on worm composting: "I clean out the vegetable drawers and give the worms some tea leaves and fruit and vegetable peelings, and they seem to do fine. They live in their tub in the basement in the winter and outside in the summer. In the summer I clean the tub out, replace the bedding, add fresh food and the worms and start the cycle again..."

Let's face it. People are grossed out by worms. I often hear things like, "Why have a disgusting worm bin in my house when I can just buy some Miracle Grow?" I think that if more people (especially gardeners) saw worm bins in action, they would want one themselves. Worm Bins aren't that hard to take care of and you're garden will appreciate the castings.

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  1. chip said...
    If you dont want to raise your own worms you can still benifit from their nutritous castings by using worm tea


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