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Turning Poop Into Profit

TerraCycle is selling worm tea (labeled as Plant Food) and plans on getting it's products into Wal-Mart and Home Depot nationwide. I think it's great that big box shoppers will finally have a choice in fertilizers and don't have to pick up that box of Miracle-Grow if they don't want to.

Tom Szaky is the owner of TerraCycle and admits he isn't interested saving the environment, "It wasn't an environmental thing. It was, Wow, this is a cool business model." But his entrepreneurial spirit will do some good if consumers start using his product and don't always reach for the synthetic fertilizers.

Fertilizer business sprouts from worm waste: "The company, TerraCycle, markets plant fertilizer created by 'vermicomposting' - harvesting worm excrement. It sells the product in 20-ounce plastic soft drink bottles..."


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